Memories to last a lifetime


Darren's goal for most of the day is to be a photojournalist.

I look for interactions between people, to show the places and decor, mostly to find and photograph special moments. I am trying to create more than just interesting photographs; I am looking for the key emotions and moments that tell your story. Making photographs of spontaneous actions is about anticipating and preparing for what will happen next.

Darren's other goal on your wedding day is to create a collection of great posed photographs as efficiently as possible, AND have fun doing it! 

I spend many pre-wedding hours thinking about and planning the posed portraits to give you more time to enjoy your wedding.

Before wrapping up in the evening, I often like to do sunset or night photography. It is a great way of doing a few directed pictures of the two of you when the time is less critical and the light is stunning. It often only takes about 15 minutes, but it is time very well spent. Whether you choose to do sunset or nighttime photography often depends on the time of the sunset and events planned during your reception. For questions about the sunset and "Golden Hour" photography, connect with me below.


Mandy's goals for the day are to assist Darren with gear, second shoot your memories, and help make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

I like to joke that my wedding day job as Darren's wife and the second shooter is to carry stuff, but my role is so much more than that. As Darren's wife and because I love him, I look out for his well-being. Is he drinking water so that he doesn't get dehydrated? Do I need to hold the ladder to keep him from falling into the lake/pool/pond, etc?  Because I care about you, I watch out for our couples too. As the second shooter, I photograph “ninja-style”, run the family photos, do my best to keep everyone on schedule, create the same-day edit slideshow, and watch for ways to serve you and your guests.

In my backpack with my camera gear is my "Mary Poppins Emergency Kit". It gets a lot of use, and I'm happy to help in other ways if I'm not focused on photographing a moment of your day or helping with gear for Darren. My wedding day resume is pretty diversified. I've steamed and safety pinned dresses, made lemonade, filled a tire on the getaway car with air, picked up sandwiches, delivered letters between the bride and groom, played security detail, and a few other things; some of which should not be mentioned! Simply put, I'm a 'jill-of-all-trades' and love that I get to serve our clients alongside my husband.