On your special day,
will you want someone who is...

prepared for any wedding day emergency?
understanding of your family dynamics?
able to sneak the bride's shoes to the groom to write a message?

More Than
"Just" Photographers


Do you want help...
Planning your timeline?
Deciding between a receiving line, row dismissal, or an officiant dismissal?
Finding that other "perfect for you" vendor?
Staying dry on a rainy wedding day?

Real Emotions
Real Memories


After your wedding, will you want...
fine art photography that fits your home perfectly?
a curated photo story of the first day of your married life together bound in an heirloom album?
tangible memories of the tears of joy you shed?

Fine Art


 Wondering if we're the photographers for you?


You don't take yourself too seriously

If you want everything perfect, we're NOT your people. If something is imperfect at your wedding AND you don't lose your mind and can still have fun, we ARE your people. We'll obviously do our best to help with any mishaps!


Family & Friends mean everything

Your wedding is about you and your soon-to-be-spouse... but it's also about celebrating with all the people you both love!  


You appreciate organization

You understand that wedding planning takes time and patience. Creating a solid timeline for your wedding day (even if it goes off track!) is the best option for a fun and relaxing day. Your wedding party (and your photographers) will thank you for it!

You want to remember your wedding as it happened

Sure, you want some of those beautiful and timeless portraits too, but you are all about the candids! No #filtered story here! Just the truth, as it happened.


Check Availability

If yes, YAY! We'd love to connect with you!
We take a limited number of weddings a year to ensure the first-class experience you deserve. 
The most popular wedding dates can book up to two years in advance.
Inquire to find out if your date is available!

Is this you?


Breen Wedding Photography is a West Michigan husband and wife photography duo, who love their family, Grand Haven, LEGO, and a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Because Your Story Is Worth Telling.

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