Pre-Wedding Planning

Timeline & Portrait Checklist

2 to 4 months before your wedding

We spend a significant amount of time preparing for and planning photographs for your wedding day. The pre-planning helps us to save time on your wedding day because we know where different events will happen and have a good timeline of the day.  As part of the personalized attention we give each wedding couple, we provide custom timeline prep and a thorough family portrait checklist to assist in your, and our, pre-wedding planning.

The Site Visit

During the month before your wedding

To prepare for a wedding, we like to have a pre-wedding day chat and meeting. Even if we’ve been to your venue before, we’ve never been there with you! Our site visits can be done with or without you and your future spouse, but we prefer to do the site visit with the two of you.

Many of our couples appreciate the time during the site visit with us to iron out details. We appreciate meeting with you and your future spouse because it gives us one more opportunity to connect with you outside of the excitement and nerves of your wedding day.

Final Planning

The Week before your wedding

Everything we’ve learned about you and your wedding is reviewed, and we discuss Plans A, B, C, D, and sometimes E! Darren preps the gear, while Mandy organizes the family portrait checklist and prepares her “Mary Poppins” emergency kit.

The day before your wedding day we pack our gear and get a good night's rest.

The result?

Authentic Candid Moments, Stunning Portraits, YOUR story.