Friday Intro: Darren

Darren Breen, Lead Photographer/Owner Manager (Photo: Brenda Hoffman Photography)

Darren Breen, Lead Photographer/Owner Manager (Photo: Brenda Hoffman Photography)

For today's #fridayintroductions, meet Darren! He is the "Man Behind the Lens" at Breen Wedding Photography and Darren Breen Photography, and the artistic eye behind the gorgeous photographs. Darren fell in love with photography at Wheaton College, where he studied rocks (as he jokes) and earned his undergrad degree is in Geology. There, a friend asked him to help with photography for the yearbook and his passion for making meaningful images was born. 

My favorite thing about wedding photography is finding great moments.
— Darren Breen

After graduating from Wheaton, Darren returned home to Lincoln Park in Chicago and continued to absorb all he could about photography by assisting professional Chicago photographers. He applied to graduate school for photojournalism, went on to study at University of Missouri-Columbia, and gained valuable experience photographing for newspapers in St. Joseph, Missouri; Muskegon, Michigan; Everett, Washington; Tacoma, Washington; Haverfordwest, Wales, U.K.; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Finding and documenting emotions and events for newspapers made him acutely aware of the power of telling stories through photography. He began photographing a few weddings here and there for friends and then started second shooting regularly at weddings with West Michigan wedding photographers. Darren Breen Photography launched in August of 2011, with it's first full wedding season in 2012.

A Few Stats About Darren

Favorite Food: Deep Dish Chicago style pizza with sausage. Especially Bacino's of Lincoln Park. 

Favorite Drink: Decaf Hot Typhoo Tea with milk. Both of my parents are British. 

Favorite Candy: Smarties from the U.K.

Favorite Color: Deep blue, like the blue in the sky just after sunset.